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Pojectile Room

ALRIGHT SOLDIER!! This is where we keep the ammunition that our nerf guns fire. With out basic traning in the Identification of ammo, it can be confusing out there. This will give you a quick run-over of most ammo types, and the guns that they would work best in.

This is the arrow. It comes in a variaty of fin colors, and can have a sponge, suction cup, buzzer, or just a normal foam tip. These first came out with the Bow n' Arrow, and I belive were the second type of nerf ammunition. This is a good ammo type. It fires far, has great accuracy (unless damaged), and a large fear factor. But this is evened out by the down sides; spicificaly, it speed is slow, they are hard to carrie in numbers, and they are not very durable. However they do make an excelent outdoor ammo.

These are darts. They are by far the best ammo. They are fast, small, durable, and very accurate. Not only are they the best ammo, but they are also the most common. More guns fire these than any other kind of gun, so they will be the bullet you will find the most. There are many different kinds of darts, too. Above, from left to right, They are pictured as follows. Type 2 Max force and cyber stryke, Micro darts, type 1 darts type 2 action darts, larami darts nerf supermaxx darts. I will give individual statistics below.

These are type 1 darts. They went into the original sharpshooter, and in the end, was the gun's downfall. The darts, however, can be fired very well from most guns. However they are more delecate than the Type 2 darts and repeded use in compretion ring guns tend to wear them out. This is because of the lighter and more slippery foam and the larger hole.

These are Type 2 darts. These are used in all coprestion ring guns except the Mad Hornet. The reason Nerf swiched to a lower range dart is simple, the type 2 are far more durable in a compreshun ring. There is nothing very special about these darts though.

These are Supermaxx darts. The ones in the first picture you see are Larami suppermaxx. The one in the second picture is a Nerf supermaxx. Both kinds work excelent in many nerf guns, especialy the Crossbow and the modifide Mad Hornet. They have very large short holes, and the rest is solid foam.

These are Micro-darts, a.k.a. Rip(off) rockets. The top and bootom ones you see came from the rip-rocket, action, and ambush line. The one in the middle comes from the Mad Hornet, and the lines maxblits and hyper site. The New oarnge ones were poduced stiffer, stronger, and not near as flimsy as the old ones. This was needed because of the fact that, instead of a post that you put the dart around, the Mad Hornet fired with the compretion ring style. This required a stiffer dart. As this also makes it more durrable, than it fires from supercharged rip rocket guns that would normaly pop weaker darts. Micro-darts are moving up.

These are the mighty stefan darts. I will have more on these later as soon as i get them from stefan.

These are Balls. In my opinion they stink, but some of the guns that use them do not. They have no range, are inacurate, and easy to lose. However because of there shape they are the simplist rapid fire ammo. Decide for yourself.

These are missiles. They were the third type of ammunition to be manufatured. It is a decent ammo. It flies far, at a fairly nice rate of travle, but like the arrow, will go off course with damage. However, not many guns that fire this are good.