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Heavy Armorment - Munition Sector
ATTENTION!!!! May I remind you to be carefull in this room. Each of these weapons are capable of mass destruction, and a accedent in this room would not be pretty!! Now, these guns are the main guns fired on the battle field. Every soldier needs some, but an individual soldier will have diferent needs. Study these weapons well, they are your best freinds, or your worst enemies!!
OK soldier, this is the Chainblazer,the best chain gun on the market. Whats that, soldier?! "But the Roto-Track Never skips!!"? That does NOT make a good chain gun. It don't skip, but it also has far less range, poor acuracy and is actualy not as reliable. The Chainblazer is sipmly better. It is accurate, has exelent range for a chain weapon, and is quite reliable. Get them while they are still in stock, ladies!!
The crossbow is the best sniper weapon ever maid, but you need to modify it, soldier!! This is challenging, but worth it. It fires just about anything, but it's best ammunition is arrows, supermaxxes, and duct-tape wrapped mini-darts (jam them down with a pensile). It does have a coulple problems though. Mainly, its reload time. It isn't too bad with arrows and stingers, but supermaxxes and DT mini-dart take a while. However I have a dart that shoots 85 feet for this gun. Use it or fear it!!
Now this is a NICE piece of machienery, men. It has fifteen balls in the barrels, and they can be rattled off in about 5 seconds. They are deadly in a indoor or ambush situation, but go head to head agianst someone with a Chainblazer outside, and the outcome would most likly be very messy. It also has problems, namely, range, arruacy, and size. Get one if you can find it!!
Eagle Eye
This gun is decent. In a one gun pistol war this gun is even better, due to the funnel shaped mouth of the barrel. This allows it to have great reload time for a one-shot weapon, and has good range and acuracy. You can forget about the light and take out the batteries though, it's pretty much useless. Also it is much to large to be used as a side-arm. But over all a nice one shot gun.
This, gentelmen, is the Roto-Track. We have noticed some problems with it even before we got the Chainblazer. First of, it is fairly reliable, has 12 shots, and dosen't realy need to be strapped to your arm. However, it's accuracy and range leave somthing to be desired, and it just dosen't stack up well to the chainblazer. You know how the Chainblazer's shots seem to mysticaly find there target?? That dosen't quite happen with the Roto-Track. But if you can't find a chainblazer, then this gun will do nicely.
Manta Ray
Now this is a sweet peice of machienery!! It blasts four or two darts A decent range, and when you use stingers, the spread is excelent. On top of that, it is a uesfull shield. However, its reload time is long. But if you can find it for under 15 bucks, then this is a must have.
This is an excelent indoor machinegun, if you have a good one. It has a rate of fire of up to 4 shots a second, and has fifteen of them. But it lacks range, accuracy, and reliability. Don't spend to much on one, fifteen dollars is a good price.
Ok now, I like this gun. Now imediatly I am going to get some people saying, "How could you like that gun, it stinks!!". Well I have a simple answer. I got a good one, it never skips or jams. It has two interchangeable five shot clips, and they can be fired fairly quickly. It still dosen't have great range, but that can be upped to 35-40 feet with Type one ammo.
This gun stinks like week old fish left lieing in the sun. The only good thing about it is that the spinning motion produced by it being launched by a flywheel makes the balls float, making then accurate. But it has way to many flaws to be a useful gun. You can't cock it ahead of time, it makes WAY too much noise, it jams when you try to fire it, is way to large, and has a unacceptable ammo load for a ball shooter. AVOID!!!
Nerf Supermaxx 3000
This is one of the most exelent guns to be produced by Nerf. This gun, while not having the range of a Larami Supermaxx 2500, is still an exelent gun. Eight fairly quick firing darts that go 45 feet. And it has deadly accuracy. This gun is a great buy.
Mad Hornet
This is one of the best guns nerf has ever made. But untill you modify it it will remain a piece of junk! However after you modify it it beats a chainblazer. It does, however, have a ridiculously long reload and ready time. But if you don't do this simple modification then you are missing out on a awsome gun!! I can not stress how much you need to modify it!
Master Blaster
This is a excelent ambush gun. You can unload 8 balls in less than two seconds. It has dismal range, but it is realy a frightening scene to see someone pop out of a hiding place and send a cloud of ammo at your head. However, it is a rare gun, so get it if you can find it!
Bow 'n Arrow
Yah, it was the first arrow shooter. Yah, it held its own for a while. But now, it has no use unless you modify it (right picture) and even then it ain't that great. How ever it will remain firing in a battle, and and....well, its the bow n arrow.
Well soldier, These are all the heavy artilary guns that the Nerf Fortress Presently has, or had, to offer. This room will grow as our arsenal does. Now, remember, know your main weapon well, and it will serve you well.<\b>