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Secondary Armorment

OK rebel, These are the Secondary arms. These are small, efficient, and every nerfer has their most trusted one. These guns are used when the Heavy Armorments are out of ammo, for self-defence, or battelfield cleanup. If you do not have a reliable sidearm, soldier, then get one!! It WILL save your life!!
SharpShooter II

The SharpShooter II is the finest side arm ever created, but, like the crossbow and Mad Hornet, you need to modify it. And always use magnums and other thick darts. My pesonal favorites are Electric Eel darts and Max force darts wrapped completely in duct tape. When charged to its limit, as mine is, it gets ranges of 50 feet. This gun also has exceptional accuracy. This gun is the best all purpose secondary arm there is, so get it WHILE IT IS STILL AVIALABLE!! They are discontinued, and you WILL NEED ONE!!

This is the Original SharpShooter. These ushered in a new era of nerf guns with the introduction of the Type 1 dart. Nerf guns became smaller, faster, more accurate, more durable, and best of all, more deadly. This gun has great range and accuracy, but suffers from a patheticly high reload time on used darts, and supercharging it can damage the gun. Plus the fact that it now has a very low ammo abundance, because the type one dart has been officialy discontinued. However, Stefan darts work well and have a shorter reload time. However, there are better guns.
Lock 'n Load

This is the Lock 'n Load, a new gun from Hyper Site line. It has a large yellow slide that you cock like a semi-automatic pistol, and a site pops up. This is cool, however, the kick from the slide makes the gun fire very high. If you take off the slide, it will fire just fine, and is now more compact. Put a heavy duty keychain on the oarnge slide. Now use stefan darts. The range is around 50 feet. This is a nice gun, get it.

Ratchet Blast

This is the ratchet blast. I used to like this gun, my sister has it. Now however I think it stinks. Yah, it has rapid fire and the gun can be cocked in one hand. But it has absolutely no range. I just was not impressed with this gun.


This is the NB-1 Missile Blaster. It introducd us to missiles and has remaind a good gun. The missiles fly VERY far, and the gun is fairly acurate, when you have developed the right tecnique for firing it. It also fires darts very well. Its missles have a good reload time, too. It has be re-released as the nerf glider launcher. If you have spare cash, get this gun.

Secret Shot

This beauty is the Secret shot. This guy kicks. I clipped off the air restreictors, streched the spring, and added a ton of rubber bands. With blue and red micro-darts, this thing rules. It fires hight though. And it has that dinkey little bottom barrel that, because of a string restricting air flow, is very weak. I realy like this gun though, it is good secondary arm.

Sling Shot

This is the sling shot. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! What a joke!! this thing is such a piece of trash. It jams, it is inacurate, it has no range, it only carries three balls, it is imposible to fire anyways......and the list goes on. AVOID THIS GUN AT ALL COSTS!!!!

Sneak Shot

This is the Sneak Shot. This gun, through the use of a swinging barrle and a rotating mirror site, allows you to fire a shot around a corner. So what. This gun is soooo dumb. it has no range at all, and the mirror site dosent even work right. I hate this gun. It might have been very usefull had it had more power. But it is just way to weak.